Spring is here …

Spring is here …

The last weeks I observed my lasagna pot closely.
And the first crocuses are now in full bloom.

What the hell is a lasagna pot??

Well, it is a technique to plant various kinds of bulbs of plants into one pot, in layers – that can save a lot of space.
They bloom at different times.
So when the first plants have finished blooming, the next group starts to take over and so on.

That is a scematic of my lasagna pot.
From bottom to top above the potsherds: tulips – daffodils – crocuses.

After finding the right pot – it should be high enough to hold the different layers and also be big enough for all the bulbs you plan to put in – you start with some potsherds over the hole or holes at the bottom. This helps on one side to prevent to much soil to fall through the holes and on the other side that too much water can flow off.

Then put in a real good layer of soil.
Now come the bulbs that have the latest blooming time.
In my case it were tulips which are supposed to bloom somewhere in May or June.
Then you pack another layer of soil on it.

Now you arrange some more bulbs – this time with a blooming time that comes before the tulips – in my case narcisses.
They should bloom somewhere from March to April.
Keep in mind that it helps to put these bulbs a little shifted and not exactly on top of the ones below. In that way the saplings can grow more easily to the top.
Then again comes a layer of soil.

And on the top you put the bulbs with the earliest blooming time – here I used the crocuses with a predicted bloom in March.

Of course you can also make 4 layers, but I thought I try 3 for the first time and see if it works 😉

Here I want to show you the development so far……

28.12.2020 – the first green tips are lurking
03.01.2021 – amazing how fast they grow

I hope that all the other bulbs will be blooming also ……

But not only the lasagna pot is blooming, also our black hellebores ……

…… and the daffodils (those are newcomers that we bought in February) ……

…… some more tiny crocuses we planted a few years ago ……

…… and some hyacinths – also newcomers.
They are waiting to be planted into a flower bed.

These crocuses – also sitting in a pot – need some more time, but you can see the green tips already lurking 🙂

And a few days before I also found the first blossoms of the lungwort.
Aren’t those tiny blue and pink spots beautiful in the new developing green???

Lungwort is a herb that has healing properties, especially for our pulmonary system (therefore the name…)

Nature is simply amazing!!

Stay safe!

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