Halloween is Coming – pt2

Halloween is Coming – pt2

Last weekend I played a little with an idea I got for some more halloween-themed earrings.

Like the ones in Halloween is coming – pt1 I used the filligree pieces and the patina inks. Combining them with a little extra for the twist 😉

I also wanna show you how I use the patina inks (not the alsohol inks you use for paper craft) a little more detailed.

Here is the overview of the colors I used.
Just click on the image so you can see the names.
But of course you can use different colors.

Don’t forget to lay some paper underneath it cause the painting tends to be a bit messy.

Start with the lightest and carefully add some drops to the metal part you wanna paint.

Then take a cotton swab and spread it a bit.

Next use the color that is a bit darker. Put a few drops on the cotton swab and dab it carefully into the areas you painted before.
Let them mix to get a softer color gradient.

If it gets too light, use another side of the cotton swab and some new drops of ink.

And the last color we add is black.
It is a strong clor so you have to be careful not to use to much or it will get too dark.

If you like the result let everything dry completely.
Otherwise use the color you want to add a bit more and a fresh cotton swab.

Now comes the little extra 🙂

I found some Halloween Confetti in a store recently.
So I decided to glue them on the painted earrings…..

…. and on some not painted pieces.
I especially like the pumpkin, the ghost and the witch *grin*.

After letting the glue dry I put in the ear hooks and voila, the halloween themed earrings are ready to wear 🙂

Who wants some?

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