Beaded Earrings

Beaded Earrings

It has been months again since I wrote my last post.

I have been very busy at work and at home and the whole corona pandemic is slowly taking its toll – since we entered our 2nd hard lockdown yesterday.
All stores except groceries, pet shops, banks, post office and newsstands are closed down.

But I am glad that my family and I have been spared from this disease so far.

I made a bunch of bracelets and dangle earrings lately. You can see them all on my instagram account.

But I thought of sharing some older pieces with beadwork on them today.
They are inspired by the contemporary native american pieces you can find all around social media and the internet.

In a later article (or better series!!) I will show you how it is done.

Although they are quite large they are lightweight since the large cabochons in the center and the roses are made of acrylic.

They have so called fingernail posts, which is something like a clip but for pierced ears.
The advantage in this posts is that the earring can be a bit larger but it is not hanging down too much (always depending on the overall size of course).

On the right you can see the so called fingernail post.
These are also made with fingernail posts and have mother of pearl cabochons as center piece.
Here are 2 pairs, a little smaller.
And here are some dangle earrings. These have a glass cabochon in the center….
…. and these have a small turquoise as center piece.

The beads I use are so called seedbeads. They have the size 11/0. The ones I use for beading the edges can be larger (10/0 or 9/0) or small firepolished beads – mostly 3 or 4 mm.

And I love to combine everything with rhinestones.

You know, everyone needs a little bling 😉

Stay safe!!

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