Happy Holidays…..

Happy Holidays…..

So much has happened this year.

In the middle of all the chaos with corona, pandemic and lock-downs I tried to do business as usual.
But that was easier said than done.

Although I am lucky and neither my mom nor I did catch the virus (hopefully it stays that way until we get our vaccination next year!!) but I know families and friends who had their impact.

That pesky virus hounts us, not only in our jobs, but also in our private life – our personal freedom.
Suddenly we are not allowed to do certain things anymore or at the least the way we used to.
We all had to adapt and find new ways to communicate, work, meet family members etc.
And the fact that the situation still isn’t over and most likely will last another 9-12 months at least does not make it easier!

I hope you are all safe and have – nontheless – some wonderful days.
The new year should be a better one.

Stay safe! Stay strong!

Happy Holidays and a better new year 2021!!

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